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1-on-1 Coaching

What would need to happen for you to step into the person you are called to be?

Support. Clarity. Accountability. Individualized coaching services that give you tools, skills, and strategies to identify and address challenges in your life. Together we will get clear on what you want out of life, and then create a plan to move you toward those goals and vision. Focus areas include: Mindset, Relationships, Career, Daily Habits & Routines.

60-minute sessions on a weekly basis, virtual or in-person.

1-on-1 Coaching - Tom Karrel Coaching
Group Coaching - Tom Karrel Coaching

Group Coaching

How much space are you willing to take up?

Community. Connection, Respect. I offer group coaching for boys, men, couples, organizations, and groups of all kinds focused on communication skills, healthy accountability, and wellness practices. I will support you in navigating conflicts, developing practices to improve your health, increasing your capacity to share and experience emotions, and growing your community and relationships.

60 to 120-minute sessions on a recurring basis, virtual or in-person.

Restorative Justice Facilitation

"Justice is what love looks like in public." - Cornell West"

I am a trained Restorative Justice Facilitator with experience leading various types of restorative processes and circles aimed to address and repair harm caused by specific incidents. I am also trained in Strategic Intervention and facilitate other types of mediation and conflict resolution processes.

Timing and structure depend on the needs of client and situation.

 Restorative Justice & Conflict Resolution - Tom Karrel Coaching
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